Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics began in 1991 as a small New Zealand family company, specializing in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of herbal skin care products. To ensure they remain fresh and retain their beneficial properties each product is hand prepared in small batches. This small scale production means they can be flexible and innovative, offering the latest developments in natural skin care as they become available.

Each product contains a unique and simple blend of proven botanicals. No mineral oils are used. Instead, oils and emulsifiers extracted from plants act as carriers for the principal ingredients.

All colours are derived from natural sources. Synthetic fragrances, responsible for most allergic skin reactions, have been replaced with the subtle, natural fragrances of unadulterated essential oils. It is this careful selection of the purest ingredients that ensures a natural and professional range of skincare products, unrivalled for freshness, quality and impressive results.



As a native New Zealander, Belinda Spear, is excited to bring the Carol Priest line to North America. Like many of her kiwi compatriots, she started exploring the world early and often.

During her adventures, she has learned that our planet offers a startling variety of environments, landscapes and cultures, yet people everywhere have the same needs and aspirations: security, the love of a strong family, health and a desire to celebrate what is beautiful and meaningful in their lives. They express that desire by making things which reflect that beauty and are often derive from their environment and culture. This is one of the reasons why Belinda usually returns from travels with a suitcase bulging with presents for family and friends in Canada.

When Belinda brought back Carol Priest skin care products as gifts, the reaction was “These products are fantastic, can you get me more” and “Why can’t we get them here?” Friends were impressed by the high quality herbal and organic ingredients used and the obvious care that has gone into producing these products in a sustainable and responsible way. Belinda contacted Carol Priest, set up this company and now these products are available in North America.

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Like many, living sustainably means a lot to us and we’re concerned about the implications of transporting goods halfway around the world. This comes at an environmental cost, which none of us can ignore.

With all Carol Priest products you can be assured you are getting all natural, herbal products (many of them containing only certified organic ingredients) that are responsibly and sustainably made and transported. Nearly all products are in glass containers and those that are not are packaged in recyclable plastic. View our organic certification.

To address the impact of our operations we have worked with Habitat Enterprises to calculate the carbon footprint (total CO2 emissions) that is created during the manufacture and transportation of these products to the North American marketplace. To mitigate this, we have invested the equivalent of these emissions in carbon offsets. A carbon offset is the measurement of the amount of carbon reduced in tones (e.g. one carbon offset = one tonne of carbon reduced). We have worked with Habitat Enterprises to direct our offsets to local projects.

It’s a small contribution to our planet, but even small contributions add up.